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Never lose a climb again and accelerate routesetting by recreating climbs effortlessly from picture perfect 3D models

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3D Climb Models enable
efficient climb recreation


Effortlessly scan your climbs into picture perfect 3D models.

Use a desktop to finalize the climb model, by taking a few minutes to label the climb’s specific holds.


Store your 3D Climb Models, until you are ready to bring back a historical climb

ClimbVault’s routesetting management platform helps you stay organized and decide when and what climbs to bring back


Bring back a climb anytime using your picture perfect 3D Climb Models

The 3D Model can be zoomed in or out and rotated 360 degrees enabling efficient and perfect climb recreation

How ClimbVault benefits your gym

Creating high quality climbs faster leads to happier members and a thriving gym.


Enhance Productivity

Bringing back a historical climb from your Vault is 8x faster than creating a brand new climb, This will help you meet your routesetting turnover goals easily.


Guarantee Climb Quality

With ClimbVault, you will have a library of only great climbs that your members love.


Increase Profitability

Stop losing the hard work and creativity that goes into routesetting.  Start treating high quality climbs as an investment that can be enjoyed again and again, instead of using them just once.

How to Get Started

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Schedule A Meeting or Email Us

Book a meeting or just reach out to the ClimbVault team for any questions

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Get a free trial

Experience how ClimbVault can benefit your gym

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how it works

ClimbVault Desktop
and Mobile relationship

Use ClimbVault’s mobile app to scan a climb. Send the scan to ClimbVault’s desktop platform to finalize the 3D Climb Model

On ClimbVault Desktop, finalize 3D Climb Models by taking just a few minutes to label the climbing holds in your scan

On ClimbVault Desktop, plan your routesetting and send historical climbs to ClimbVault’s mobile app for recreation

On ClimbVault’s mobile app, bring back historical climbs using 3D Climb Models for efficient climb recreation


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Start accelerating routesetting and stop losing your climbs right now

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How does ClimbVault accelerate routesetting?

Routesetting is a process that requires a substantial amount of time and creativity in order to create high-quality climbs. However, with the implementation of ClimbVault's technology you can significantly streamline this process. Through scanning existing climbs into 3D Climb Models, you effectively store the original effort and creativity invested into a climb’s creation for later use. When you are ready to recreate a historical climb, the routesetting process becomes more about physical installation of holds on the wall, following a precise blueprint, rather than starting from scratch. This makes the routesetting process 8-10x more efficient, while maintaining the quality and complexity of the original climbs.

How does ClimbVault help routesetting operations at my gym?

Bringing back historical climbs is so efficient, that your routesetters will easily meet your routesetting turnover goals, pleasing your gym’s members. Because recreating a historical climb is 8-10x more efficient, your routesetters can maintain the routesetting turnover, while having 90% more available time to focus on creating brand new climbs...leading to more high quality climbs.

Why should I use historical climbs at my gym?

We believe that high quality climbs should be enjoyed forever, instead of being ‘thrown away’ when they are removed from the walls after a few months. Also, practically speaking the time, energy and money that is invested in climb creation is lost every time that a climb is removed from the wall. By using ClimbVault, you are effectively ‘storing’ your investment in a climb’s creation and benefiting every time that you recreate that climb for a fraction of the cost of creating a brand new climb

Will our members enjoy historical climbs?

Of course your members will enjoy historical climbs! They enjoyed those climbs in the first place. Using the companion ClimbVault Desktop Admin you can manage your routesetting and plan to only recreate a climb after a sufficient amount of time has passed for your members to either entirely forget that climb, or for that climb to at least feel fresh again. Ultimately, we believe that creating high quality climbs faster leads to happier members and a thriving gym.